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"Sweet Beaver" finds a 9lb Smallmouth Bass in Idah

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Holy schnikies! Here's the story from the Lewiston Tribune...

Repeating a feat
North Idaho angler breaks own smallmouth bass record

November 12, 2006

LEWISTON - Dan Steigers knew someone would eventually break his 11-year-old smallmouth bass record.

He just didn't know it would be him.

Steigers caught a 9-pound, 11.52-ounce smallmouth from Dworshak Reservoir on Oct. 28, eclipsing the 8-pound, 5-ounce state record fish he caught in the same reservoir.

Dworshak has developed a reputation for producing large smallmouth bass in recent years.

Larry Barrett, a fisheries biologist with the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, said a large number of small kokanee are providing the food that makes smallmouths grow.

Fish and Game officials plan on adding nutrients to the reservoir next year to try to increase the size of the kokanee, which could also lead to larger smallmouth bass.

"We are not getting a whole lot off the world record," he said. "The world record is 11 pounds. It's a fun thing to think about anyway."

Steigers, 49, and his fishing partner Ed Pea, both of Juliaetta, Idaho, fish the reservoir nearly every week. Their record-bass-catching trip was one of their last Dworshak outings of the year before switching over to steelhead on the Clearwater River.

Using a plastic bait called a "Sweet Beaver," Steigers said he was catching 3- and 4-pound bass when he hooked the new record.

"I didn't get excited," he said. "It didn't jump. It just sounded."

On his digital scale, the fish weighed 10 pounds, 4 ounces. He later took it to a certified scale at a supermarket for the official weight.

Steigers is having the fish mounted, but said he was sad about not releasing it. Barrett told him the fish would probably not get much bigger anyway.

Anglers are likely to be drawn to the reservoir in even greater numbers now that another state record has been pulled from it. But Steigers said it takes years to learn where the big fish hang out.

"There is a lot of big fish in there but there is a lot of lake, too," he said. "It's 50 some miles long and it's deep."
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Wow! That is one big hog. :shock: Looks like Tim has been right about fishing those Sweet Beavers.
yaozers! that thing must of put up one helluva fight! :shock:
That smallie looks like it's been eating cheeseburgers and drinking Guiness :shock: You think he put up a little bit of a fight?
Man, lol I had no idea...

lol I don't know why its such a "big-bass-catching" bait.

I caught my personal record for biggest largemouth on it (5-10), and my high school friend caught his record for which was just short of 7lbs fishin a tourney on Kentucky Lake.

We also used this bait at Deep Lake on a sunny day in the middle ofe summer. We just texas-rigged it and draggied it slowly on top of all the slop on the north and west end of the lake. Caught some pretty nice fish that way (well my friends did...)

Ok, back to studying :D
Man, that is the biggest one I have ever seen even in a picture. Thanks for posting.
After seeing this post i googled sweet beaver and to my luck my gf used google earlier today and typed in "S" and saw a sweet beaver reference. Got bitched at for watching porn for no reason!
Frank, you better behave yourself there!
Gither03 said:
After seeing this post i googled sweet beaver and to my luck my gf used google earlier today and typed in "S" and saw a sweet beaver reference. Got bitched at for watching porn for no reason!
Frank... that is TOO funny! LMAO!! I actually Googled it at work and turned the screen off just before my 80 year old Rabbi boss came in. I would have heard a big OY VEY if he had seen what was on the screen. :lol:
Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa too funny guys !
lol, to avoid any possible conflicts with wives and girlfriends.....

lol, here's a link to a site that you can purchase sweet beavers.

The most popular brand comes from Reaction Innovations, and they have a "smalle beaver" and also a wide version. The Smallie beavers are good if you rip off a bit of the head and you can use them for trailers on jigs. Otherwise the original sweet beaver is pretty darn good -- I like green pumpkin and penetration (yeah you'll notice that a lot of the names of colors have sexual implications...... )

As you can see, there are many other brands that are coming out with similar baits such as the berkeley beast.

Oh yes, and this site (
has FREE SHIPPING if you order over $50 bucks + it's really good b/c they have a pretty great selection

This also means that if you order a rod or reel that is over 50 bucks they send it to you for free (as long as you only buy one at a time) -- a bunch of my fishin clubs introduced me to it.

Good fishin! :D
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That fish is on steroids !
Thanks krnfishboy that site is awesome. It's definately book marked now.
Hey gither, the names Tim. :D

lol and yeah I check it almost everyday droolin after what I want to buy with my next paycheck.......

Don't forget to check out zoom baby brush hogs, and super hogs. Great baits for me for the past few months

Oh yeah and when you get the beavers, you're supposed to cut through the middle of the tail so that there's more action I think you guys will figure it out
Hey Tim, the name's Frank. Did you go to GBN? I actually hung out with a few guys from there: cabalfin, ansel, eddie, peter chan and the crew. Probably seen you before and didn't recognize you :p
Frank, yeah dude I went to GBN. I was 2 years younger than Cabalfin and all those guys.. I actually used to break a lot with Cabalfin in high school and I remember most of those guys.
what's your last name man? i'm sure i met you before without knowing. I WENT to your bboy club a few times with chi foo squad/outback squirrels and the chicago/milwaukee battles man. I breakdanced back in the day too man. such a small world.
What a hog
guess when you grow out of break dancing, you go fishing. :lol: :lol: :lol:
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