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TCBA (ohio) Catfish Tournament Results For 6-20-09

Eric Danko---4 fish---19 lbs 3 oz
Amy Hart---5 fish---16 lbs 0 oz
Brian Huff---3 fish---13 lbs 6 oz
KC Knight---1 fish---6 lbs 8 oz
Renee Huff---1 fish---3 lbs 7 oz
Joe Brown---1 fish---3 lbs 4 oz
Zach Leach---1 fish---2 lbs 5 oz
Chuck Hart---1 fish---1 lbs 12 oz
Chuck Woods---1 fish---1 lbs 8 oz

3 anglers turned in no fish

Floyd Rennicker
Chuck Snyder
Don Huff

Big Fish

KC Knight---6 lbs 8 oz---channel cat
Eric Danko---6 lbs 5 oz---channel cat
Brian Huff---5 lbs 11 oz---channel cat

Odd Fish

Don Huff---1 lbs 5 oz---Gar

Eric Danko "Rippin Lips Baits" 1rst Place Winner

Amy Hart 2nd Place

KC Knight "Magic Bait" Big Fish Winner


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Some nice cats. Your making me want to go chase some catfish soon. I think I might wait until fall though. This year has been too great for Bassin' :p
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