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TCBA Catfish Tournament Results for April 11th

Brian Huff---1 fish---5 lbs 2 oz
Matt Kauffman---1 fish---3 lbs 15 oz
Chuck Hart---1 fish---3 lbs 2 oz
KC Knight---1 fish---2 lbs 13 oz

There was 15 angler who turned in no fish

Rocky Moore
Don Huff
Joe Brown
Mike Huff
Amy Hart
Floyd Rennicker
Lee Riley
Jerry Allshouse
Austin Allshouse
Jim Pyle
Joe Tolley
Jason Wikoff
Shane Sunderlin
Troy Huff
Jim Caldwell

Big Fish

Brian Huff---5 lbs 2 oz---Channel Cat
Matt Kauffman---3 lbs 15 oz---Flathead

Odd Fish

Austin Allshouse---7 lbs 12 oz---Carp
Matt Kauffman---3 lbs 1 oz---Sucker

It was cold and windy and the fishing was TOUGH ............THANKS to everyone who came out tonight and participated !!!

Austin Allshouse 7 lbs 12 oz CARP

Brian Huff 1rst Place & MAGIC BAIT Big Fish winner 5 lbs 2 oz Channel Cat

Matt Kauffman 2nd Place 3 lbs 15 oz Flathead

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