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TCBA (Ohio) Catfish Tournament Results for June 6th 2009

Tory Gibbs---1 fish---16 lbs 9 oz
Zach Leach---2 fish---14 lbs 9 oz
Floyd Rennicker---4 fish---12 lbs 13 oz
Eric Danko---1 fish---8 lbs 8 oz
Chuck Snyder---1 fish---7 lbs 1 oz
KC Knight---2 fish---5 lbs 5 oz
Don Huff---1 fish---4 lbs 3 oz
Brian Huff---1 fish---1 lbs 3 oz

7 anglers turned in no fish

Chuck Hart
Amy Hart
Jason Wikoff
Mike Huff
Joe Brown
Shane Sunderlin
Troy Huff

Big Fish

Tory Gibbs---16 lbs 9 oz---Flathead
Zach Leach---9 lbs 14 oz---Flathead
Eric Danko---8 lbs 8 oz---Flathead
Chuck Snyder---7 lbs 1 oz---Flathead

Odd Fish

Chuck Snyder---1 lbs 9 oz---Bowfin

Tory Gibbs 1st place and big fish 16lb 9oz Flathead

Chuck Snyder 5th place 7lb 1oz Flathead

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damn healthy fish
good job guys
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