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Teaching my son topwater bassin

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Despite the noise and vibration from trains lol
Since he`s got the baitcaster down decided to start showing him some topwater bassin.
He`s full of enthusiasm and a pleasure to fish with, he hasnt been into fishing too much, but this year it`s like he`s a different person and actually wakes me up early to get on the water.
He started with a lure he picked out himself, the old school Heddon crazy crawler,funniest running and looking topwater lure I`ve ever seen lol
Good thing he caught something on it,cuz I was worried about that lure lol

Then he tried some poppers.

Sorry about the fish on the ground,but I was too far away to land them and dont want him messing with trebled lures yet.

Some buzzbait action.

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Sorry guys just like posting pic of my son with fish lol
We had a blast out there,and I dont believe theres anything better than fishing with ur son, except if the fish were bigger!
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How with your son! Man, how many bass did he catch?
Great job :D It looks like he has the topwater down.
He could not ask for a better teacher Aris. Congrats and well done.
Awesome job out there Aris you'll see your boy in the bassmasters in no time.
That's awesome Aris. Some great top-water action! :D
i want alex to be my next wctt tourney partner! way to go alex!!!
Now that is some productive fishing you got there. Nice to share it with your son. Keep it up and the both of you will cherish those memories.
nice fish Alex!

that jacket is awesome too!

Keep it up!

nice! he must be hooked after catching his first topwater bass at deep that one day!
Well done Alex!
Awesome post guys - those are some great looking fish.

I think I may need a lesson soon Aris!
Nice fish i love fishin with my dad
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