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texas rig

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I usually throw spinners jigs or cranks for bass. This year gonna texas rig for some large mouth. since hook isnt exposed how hard of a hook set should there be since hook has to pass through plastic. or is it just any easy hook set
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No different hook set force that a crank bait hookset really (different timing tho), just wait a sec for em to start gulpin it in and you feel the line pressure... make sure that they are eating it, even let em swim a couple feet wit it, then let em have it! You just dont want to pull it outta their mouth with an early hookset before they really got ahold of it. If you are using heavy line, you can really jack em hard to make sure you dont loose em in the battle and really stick that hook in there.

I watched my dad set the hook on a bass on a powerworm... mega-style!, he ripped the bass out of the water, over himself and over the boat and splash back in the water behind his back on the other side of the boat. :lol:

The fish wasnt as big as he thought only a 14 incher....hehe.

Texas rigging used to be one of my top tactics, tho I havent used it much last couple years, tho every time I do bring it out it certainly catches fish. I almost exclusively use red shad color powerbait power worms on texas rigs, and sometime plastic craw imitaions when around more rocks.
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I personally like usin texas rig under docks, amongst lilly pads, or timbers, where you can kinda figure where the fish are at since it isnt an area covering tactic. I also mostly fish em later in the summer, Though I know that can be the ticket in cold weather for other anglers, I still prefer a louder area covering presentation this time o year.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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