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Thanks for another successful season

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Now that the boats up on stands I`d like to thank everyone who went out with me or referred someone my way. I wish mother nature would have cooperated more in the months of September and October, I had to reschedule way too many trips :roll: . I hope that my reports gave you a little insight as to what was working and where the fish were, and it contributed to your catch ;) .

I wish all of you the best of luck with your hunting and fishing endeavors, and am looking forward to next spring. :-D

Thanks again :wink:

"Wet Nets"
Captain Jim
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Thank you for all of your posts! :D
Have a great holidays. Hopefully we can get out again next year.
No problem Capt. thanks for the reports! The only problem is that due to finances and obligations, I only got out there with you once. We all really had a great time. Hopefully next year I/we will be able to get out with ya more.
Thanks Capt! Your reports are a great asset to WCF. Hope we'll get a gang from this site to head out with you next season.
We will :lol:
Im In on that Especially for those King's
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