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The Glen 10-12-06

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Fished from 8:30-9:45 cold 36 degrees snowing west winds.
Bass were busting minnows over the rockpile in south pool
couldn`t get any to bite but 1 ,had to leave early cuz I was freezing,didn`t dress right !

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it's cold to fish that's for sure. SNOW !!! :evil:

Glad ya got 1 on the sliver/blue rattle trap
Glad to see that someone braved the weather this morning. I need to get over to Lake Glenview before it turns over.
Culprit, that picture is why I always have a rat-l-trap dangling from my pole everytime you see me. :p
Believe it,I was fishin in it ! lol.
damn chicago weather...i hear its supposed to get warmer during the weekend though
Dude I think your losing it we used to do this when we were younger are you haveing a midlife........LOL Nice fish
Aris, you have to take a side cutters to your phone case. It's time to ditch the shorts and break out the long underwear. Can ice fishing be far away ?
Nice fish, Aris. Believe me, I know how it feels to have a fishing jones and you don't care at ALL about the weather.

Nice job.
How do you fish the rattletraps. Do you just cast it out and start reeling at a medium speed?
I like to reel them in fast with a stop n go retrieve or yoyo retrieve.
I agree with Aris, stop n' go and the yoyo retrieve for a rat-L-trap is really effective. As long as there aren't too many weeds or all that muck near shore, I like casting them parallel to shore and getting a reaction strike from the fish up shallow looking for baitfish. I've found that the rat-L-trap is a very good search bait and they've been on fire these past 2 weeks -- well especially for me down here in central Illinois. I've also used rattlin' rapalas and they work just as well. I can't imagine fishing the rat-L-trap along alot of the shoreline over there at the Glen b/c of all the weeds and how shallow it is, but I can see it working real well near the south pool or off the piers?
Thanks for the information Tim. How are things down at U of I? I like the Rattlin' Rapalas better than the Rat-L-Trap. I've noticed that the weeds are a lot better at the Glen lately.
Yeah for the record to everyone, Rattlin Rapala's are much cheaper than any other rapala crankbait/jerkbait. I think they're only like 3 bucks? opposed to like 6....

The U. of I has been going well toothdoc, not too busy of a semester... it's no good lol b/c I have a car down here on campus this year and I always get that urge to go fish... lol, When does fishing stop at the Glen? wasnt it in novermber sometime? that never made sense....
Yeah, November 15th. It doesn't make any sense whatsoever. They close it for 6 months. I can see them closing it during the winter months because they don't want to have to deal with people falling through the ice, but 6 months doesn't make any sense.
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