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The Glen 6.18.06

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Not much to report. Fished from 7 to 8:30. Usual spots ended up hooking into a decent 16" largie at the bend of the flats just south of the south pier on a grn pumkin senko.

It's getting tougher and tougher to catch fish there. I think it has seen some serious pressure over the past couple weeks.
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I agree, Augy. Especially after our outing last Thursday. We might want to get those goofy little fish finders out and spend some time trying to map any structure/dropoffs along the shoreline. We should also think about getting som leeches and trying for those walleye that you don't want to catch. But of course, you are the walleye expert. How many total walleye??? 3 I think?
that's master walleye to you!! i was just thinking about targeting more walleye but not at the glen. somewhere with some size and something i can bring home to mama.

I'm gonna stop over at bass pro sometime this week. i heard on the radio that they have a trolling motor for $67 bucks. I think it would be perfect for the canoe. I'm too lazy to paddle these days. anyone have an old car battery laying around the house they don't want?
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