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The Glen 6/29/06 w/pics

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I went out to The Glen today for a couple hours. I used the dozen or so minnows that I had left over from perch fishing yesterday. I did very well...not bad for like my second time there. That place has some nice fish. I never thought that there would be so many crappie here. I only wish that I would have had more minnows so I could catch more fish. I ran out. I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking...

And those were only some of the fish...
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Dude... some crappie from Lake Glenview! Nice! Did you run into your "friend"?
Hey Phil,
nice job! Didn't get verbally assaulted again did you? I've never caught crappie at the Glen actually -- probably cuz i've never tried live bait there, but I have caught tons of catfish off of hotdogs (a few years back though). I won't be able to get out there for another week or so but when I do... I'll have some pictures of my own to post up too.
Nice pics as always, Phil. Did you catch any of the crappies by the submerged trees in the northeast area of the lake? If I had to guess where there might be crappie in Lake Glenview, that would have been my first pick.
I was surprised about getting crappie, but the fish in that lake are very picky...I didn't get the hang of fishing there until my second time and I can usually easily figure out lakes. The crappie seemed to be everywhere I tried. If you want crappie and don't like using live bait, I'd stick with small crappie jigs, like that jig in a tube thing. When you jig, don't be afraid to fish close. Where I was fishing, the water was pretty shallow and I was just jigging vertically with my UL like a foot away from shore and did very well. I had the most sucess with large fatheads...the bigger the minnow, the more fish I would catch. Does anyone know of a baitshop that's close to The Glen? Next time I go, I'm going to try to try to target other species like catfish, using nightcrawlers. There was a guy there that came at about 7:30 and he set up next to me. It must have been under a minute before he had this huge bite. It ended up being this huge catfish. I swear that thing had to be a least 7 pounds. He wasn't even surprised. It was just a basic setup with a nightcrawler about 3 feet under a small float. I can't wait until I go again. I might be going out tomorrow and I'll post for sure if I do. By the way, that crazy guy wasn't there...that area didn't seem to hold much fish anyways and I stayed away from there.
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