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The Glen 7.19.2006

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Fished with Culprit from 7:45-9:30pm. Virtually no wind when we started and later picked up SW/10mph. Two good fightin bass for me. One on blue senko and another on smoke pearl dinger. Culprit lost two fish using 4" senkos (which would of been his first senko bass) dragging them on the bottom. I also missed a biggun on a topwater skitter prop. Nice night to be out. All fish on the docks between the piers.

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Nice fish augs well done i wonder if thats one that was toying with you after beck anyway nice bass
Nice bass indeed :) I should get out to the Glen again the next time I have a chance.
Nice fishin Augy !
Hey Augy, I think I saw ya fishin from the bridge. I came out in the evening with a bud and fished nightcrawlers on the bottom for cats in the south pole off the rocks. But, yeah I shouldda brought some lures and fished w/ you guys. We didn't get a single bite using fat and juice huge nightcrawlers! Got skunked using live bait... man, that sucks.

Nice fish though, I think I'll head out there today or tomorrow.
I think I just turned from a minnow into a pan-fish... sweet!
Good job Augy! I'm jealous. Other than the one bass I caught a couple of nights ago at the Glen, I've been getting the skunk there lately.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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