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The Glen 7-22-06

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fished from 6:30-9:00am,about 70 degrees northwind 15 mph,threw usual topwaters,senkos,spinnerbaits and got the old skunk.
i did get to meet junglejim..

maybe i`ll try again later tonight. :(
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I was there from 3:30pm to 6pm (about when it started raining), threw out 5 different colors of senkos, as well as a rapala husky jerk and got nothing more than a few nibbles. I fished the east shore south of the piers north of the fallen tree for about 2 hours and then swiched to the east shore of the south pond, just south of the south bridge for the remaining time and got the old skunko. I'm surprised that the fish weren't active all day today after the rain we got yesterday afternoon which cooled things down a little.
I was there at the north / northwestern end from 7:30 to about 10:30am. I got nothing. I used two-tone senko (red/black) and spinnerbait. Later I went back from 11:30-12:30pm, at the South end, got nothing either. Kind of disappointmented.
I was shut down too at Opeka today. But don't forget, a good thunderstorm can shut Bass down for several days or more even! They'll be back on real soon should the temps stay down and the thunderclouds keep away.
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