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The Glen 7-23-06

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Got there at 7am found junglejim already there and edai200 joined us later on.

jim got 4 Lmb,1 walleye and a few crappies on jig and tails,I got 1 Lmb on a 4 " senko and edai 1 Lmb on a senko
hooked into a 12" shad too,weird.

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Nice fish, especially that walleye :) I've yet to catch anything bigger than my hand at Lake Glenview :lol:
Nice...what size/color jigs were you using?
Phil, I was using 1/16 oz. jig with a pearl or bass/pearl colored 3" flat tail grub. Slow on the retrive.
Culprit, I enjoyed fishing with you the past two days. I will keep your spot warm and will look for you on Thursday.
Thanks Jim ,I`ll be looking forward to fish with u on thursday.
We had a great time.
went back again fished from 7:30 to 8:30pm caught 1 on a 5" senko.
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Nice job guys!! Man, I've had such horrible luck at The Glen the past week and a half, but all the fish you guys are catchin' keeps me goin' back.
oh yeah, and Culprit that bass in your avatar profile photo is a monster!
The avatar pic is from Beck lake she was over 5lbs.
save some of that fish for my guys! looks like an active weekend and a little wcf outing on accident. good to know you guys are hooking up and getting to meet each other via the forum. that's what it's all about.
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