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The Glen 7-27-06

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Fished with Jim from 6-9:15am ,very hot,no wind,managed a nice Lmb on a pop r from the middle dock.
Just too damn hot !
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Hey your picture isn't showing up. I still gotta see how nice the fish was. haha
Nice fish!

Also... I fixed the picture.
nice catch i havent caught a fish at the glen in like a month :cry: , but now that i have that same exact popr maybe next time ill be lucky and get one
Thx Jason for fixin it.

Maybe I`ll try again tonite !
Roleplayaj,that bass pattern pop r has been my workhorse for 3 weeks now. It`s a great bait !
whats your technique? if you dont mind me asking
I just try all different retrieves,pop it once pause pop ,pop it 3x pause,pop it 5x pause or pop it all the way back depends on what the fish want.
sometimes they hit when its moving and sometimes on the pause.
Yeah I think i gotta get me one of those bass-pattern pop-R's too!
I gotta learn topwater lures! They sound like a blast when they're hitting 'em.
It is a whole different way of Fishing. Its a rush to catch a fish on top water But you have to hesitate before you set the hook or you will pull the bait away from the Fish. Good Luck It's my favorite Lure
Thanks! From this thread I think I have a decent idea of how to start working them. I've hesitated in the past cause I just haven't had results in my limited use. Where would be a good spot to work them? Over drops, shallows, structure, weeds? Weather conditions? I think I've read calm and overcast...
i wasn't a huge fan of topwaters until really this year. i usually throw them only when the surface comes alive. i've observed best results when i find scattering baitfish. toss the lure a little beyond the skirmish and reel it back into where the action is. overcast days are good times for topwater, but overcast days can be good for any lure. :wink:
in the past I caught most of my topwater fish off a Storm chug-bug or just a white buzzbait w/ a trailer hook fishing in the evenings in shallow water or anywhere near structure (fallen trees or docks). Buzzbaits aren't hard at all to fish though b/c you usually hook em as soon as they slam it b/c you're constantly reeling, but top water plugs or frogs were a lot harder for me to get the hang of. I mean, I still don't have the hang of using them after fishing with em for a few summers -- I freakin' set the hook almost immediately after this fish slammed my frog this morning at Deep b/c I wasn't expecting it and my stupid instinct just ripped the frog out of its mouth!! Blah, I should have read this post b4 going out this morning... she was the big one of the day that got away... !!
Went back again tonite fished from 7:30 to9:30 got a couple dinks and a couple crappie all on the pop r on the south pool rocks.

met up with krnfishboy later on but had no more luck.
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haha you hooked that crappie real good... mouth shut closed from that treble hook
Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa thats what happens when u cant shut up lol
that's the first fish pic where i actually feel sorry for the fish. hope you got the hook out without too much damage. he'll be sore for while.
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