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The Glen Report: 9/2 A.M. Edition, 9/3 A.M. & P.M. Editi

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Been a good enough boy lately when not fishing to get the ok to put a few hours in this past holiday weekend. Though I wanted to do something different off the beaten path, I settled on an easier/closer option of the Glen. Fished Sunday morning from 7:30-9:00. High skies, mostly calm = fishing mostly slow. Soft plastics only gave me a few bumps and 1 shorty of a bass. Switched to a skitter-pop and got a chunky 16"-17" fish on my 1st cast. After that it got bright & hot & I left.

What a difference a day makes! Fished Monday morning from 7-9. Similar conditions to previous day only calmer & hotter... go figure. 1st spot gave me 20 minutes of nothing, so I moved a bit and was tossing a jig & GULP! crawler (natural color) when I had a decent hit and hooked up with what I thought was a monster bass until a 30" pike surfaced! On 6 lb test I thought it'd be a short fight, but she took plenty of runs without breakage. Had to reach way down to grab her for a pic, but I managed to pinch her behind the neck but in the process I cracked my elbow on the corner of the pier, resulting in a nice cut but worse was a numb arm from a not-so-funny funny bone. Dropped the fish in the water and the line broke. Caught plenty of pike bigger than that before, but would've been my biggest & first "documented" Glen pike... Oh well. Re-tied but used a black & green flake color, not expecting much in that area after the comotion, but 1st cast hit up a 14" bass. Moved again and caught 5 fish in 10 casts. 2 on topwater, 3 on plastics, which were light bites but nice fish. All between 14"-17", self pics don't do 'em justice. Got hot and left. Here's a few of the pics:

Decided to end the weekend where I started it. Fished 6-8. Thought winds were supposed to be out of the S-Sw, but they were more E-SE, so my area was calm. Definitely slower than the morning, but still managed a few. Got a couple small 8-10" on topwater & plastics and lost a real nice 'eye on a jig. Finally landed a fat 16"-17" on a skitter pop before calling it quits.

Best overall outing(s) for me at The Glen since mid-late June. Good way to spend Labor Day weekend. See you on the water, and as always, good fishing.

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Way to go Al. I'm glad to see that the Glen continues to produce for you. I was there Saturday morning for a few hours but only managed to get the skunk. Thanks for the report.
Weekend well spent! I'll give the glen another chance to redeem herself this weekend...
Great report Al!
Nice fish
Thanks for the report Alex.

I still have never been to the Glen. :? When does it close, I definitely need to get over there before it's too late.
The Glen is open from May 15th to November 15th. I believe that fishing is open from 5 am to 8 pm.
Nice job on the bass. Too bad about the pike..

Wow Al ....nice job man way to keep at it . I have to get out fishing.
Your pictures always make this lake look better than it is in person. Nice work.
Great job Alex ! :shock:
All the bass at the glen have nice fat bellies right now :)
That lake keeps popping up...nice report. Gotta love that black and green flake!

1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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