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The Glen

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Does anyone know who the guy was wading and fishing at the Glen last night ? I guess we should have mentioned wading is not allowed at the Glen. Also no boats or swimmimg. Fishing has been hit and miss with the goofy weather but should improve with warmer weather and the lake level coming back up.
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:shock: Where was this guy wading?
Across the shoreline from the from south rocks .
I guess he wants to find the drops on the shoreline firsthand. :lol:
That's probably what it is. :D
He would have to walk a long way out in the lake to find a drop-off there!
I know, that whole eastern shoreline is very shallow. Maybe he was wading to be able to cast out to deeper water. Or maybe he just wanted to try out his new waders. :?


The other thing, I thought that you only went there in the morning?
Speaking of rules... can you smoke out there? I know Northbrook has some law that doesn't allow people to smoke in parks and you can't even smoke in a bar anymore in Chicago, so what's Glenview's policy?

I guess if it was cigarettes I wouldn't care either way. But I don't want to hide a cigar every time I see cop.
There is no smoking at the Glen !
:shock: "I'm just blowing off some steam." Try that one. I saw it work in a high school bathroom many years ago.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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