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hey Tom,

That was us on the south side! Good eyes!

I was actually fishing on my own from 7-10am this morning by the lilly pads south of the southern bridge. I caught a 14" LMB, but that was all the action I saw. I stuck w/ senkos all day and almost got skenkoed. The single catch made the entire morning in the sun worth it.

At 10am, I moved south closer to the community center parking lot and met up with Jim and Culprit and Beverly, where I fished for another hour or so with no bites at all. Jim, culprit and Beverly did catch quite a few crappies, two LM and one Walleye this morning. I wasn't with them for all of it, but I'll leave it to Aris or Jim to confirm that.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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