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The harbor VI - 5/10

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Got out Tuesday late afternoon until dark. Water temp 48 degrees via Text Products for OMR Issued by LOT ( Several days of easterly winds really had everything stained. Some areas had better visibility, overall not bad. South winds of 10mph had a nice chop to the water. Threw the usual but the swimbait really shined. Aggressive rip and fall on a jig and swimbait got a few too, they didn't want it dragged. Rotated in a 4" easy shiner for more thump and visibility in the stained water. A lot of smallies in the harbors now, suspended near docks and walls. Nearly all would not eat. The isolated rock piles of early spring where I found fish were mostly devoid as well. They really seemed to me to be IN the harbor and on the structure there. Couple dink pikes, one average one broke me off. I should have pulled the bait away as I saw him chase and engulf the bait. I think I'm done with the harbors for now. Too much foot traffic now, did run into Geo too. Maybe if we get a front moving in to turn them on. Got my sights on the topwater Dupage smallies before they spawn and the Driftless trout before months end. Best of the day.

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