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got out on attwood today after school. caught 2 bass on carolina rigged 7 inch curly tail rib worms, also caught one on a zoom super fluke. All were about 1 pound or so. then i fished another little pond rite by lake attwood, and caught about 15 bass on a little nipper. once again, all about a pound.
When i was fishing by the pier by lake attwood, i was throwing a crankbait, and i noticed a HUGE channel cat cruising around. so i threw my bait at it and it chased it all the way to the pier! and out of about 20 ft of water to 6 ft! not only that, but it tried to take a crank bait 5 times!?!?!?!?!
crainkbaits for stocked catfish?
i thought only swimbaits work for cats? :lol:
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