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"The next generation" post 8 years later

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As you get older you know time is precious and you wonder what will you be noted for. I think with me it's I showed people a few good unspoiled spots and some basic ways to catch fish. My gf was a busy widowed mom in the UP when I met her and didn't have time for fishing. Now they out fish me. I'm still good for tying knots, difficult hook removals, netting and dealing with toothy critters.

Photobucket deleted my account, I'm not sure I can get the originals without a watermark. Not the end of the world but what a DB move if true. I'll try calling them. This granddaughter was was 3yo old at the time and enjoyed fishing back then.
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They're creating strategies to get the musky on spinning rods, wire leaders, 30# braid and tube jigs. Sounds brilliant plan to me.
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Takes three of them to remove a hook close to the eye.
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The 11yo couldn't be bribed today into fishing. She'd never make it in Illinois politics, clearly I have failed.
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All those who wanted to fish got fish.
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Mom got a nice one today.
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Every dog has it's day.
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Great stuff.
I’m in a new season of life. Started 4 years ago. We had a granddaughter born and we take care of her and now her brother everyday. I missed so much with my own kids because I was always working.
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We had a granddaughter born and we take care of her and now her brother everyday.
Joe, My gf has raised her 11yo granddaughter from 18 months old. I got her legal guardianship for her granddaughter but this isn't something I can relate to but she's in a much place than if she was raised by her parents. Good for you.
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Great set of pictures. Better story. Wonderful to be a part of the grandkids lives.
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