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Went out today to local lake around 630pm thought I would just go for an hour. I threw some rapalas(char/blue, black/org and silver), zara spook, and a char/black spinner with no bites. Brought a dozen crawlers along for catfish or whatever else might bite for the slip bobber rig with a bigger hook-to keep away the bluegill.

Tossed out my LIGHT ACTION ROD-SINCE IT HAD A SLIP BOBBER ALREADY SET-THIS IS IMPORTANT AS YOU WILL SEE... :shock: and got 3 nice fat bluegills right after each other, while still trying to throw a top water. Then got three bass, biggest one around 13 inches and two smaller ones off the nightcrawler. So I throw out another worm and within a few minutes I see the bobber go down and pick up the rod and my drag starts singing like I never heard before! I set the hook and this thing takes off and get two cranks and he is off. I look at the hook and it was bent like hell.... Whatever it was, it was huge in my estimate had to be at least 3 to 4 lbs.... So I finally left at about 9 and no luck hooking back into it....

But it was a good night for just going out to get away from the wife...

Lesson learned 2nite--- A BIG ROD DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE :lol:

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Too bad about the lost fish :(

Big fish can be landed on light tackle if you set you drag correctly and play them right. If your hook bent out, the result probably would of been the same even with a heavier setup. Something to maybe keep in mind for next time as well. Good luck.
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