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Got out to the pond at about 3pm with a old fishing buddy M.L. Pike ( like a author)... Was very happy he pick up a rod again.... i kinda missed out fishing him the past 3 seasons. haha ( that will just piss him off).

Started out walking the shore line throwing a white spinnerbait...walked the whole pond, only got one bump...haha and it could have been all in my head.

Switched up to a 3 1/2 inch pumpkin green tube, texas rigged... and really started working the bottom almost just a slow drag, with a few pops on each retrieve...

managed this decent guy on the tube.

continued to work the same shore line, and same pattern...nothing.
Switched up to bait im more confident in...stanley finesse bass jig/craw purple and black.... not so confident in that color combo but when i opened my box it screamed try i tied it on.

Got this nice one on the jig prob. 5 feet from where i caught the first fish.

these fish must have been on beds or in some kind of spawing state.... i could not see them(water was very murky, apprently it rainned quite a bit, visabilty was about 6 inches) but they both were caught in about 4 feet of water, about 4-5 feet from shore...and bigger fish i did not feel hit at all...just saw my line moving away from me. :D

Packed it up at about 5pm...Mr.pike had a hot date or sumthin...needed it cause he got the skunk just like ol times HA!

JayPee The HHF!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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