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Started moving at about 4am to get the spinner boat ready for a full day on the water. Doug and his son John met me at the launch at 6am with clear skies and a fairly strong breeze for that time in the morning. Water levels were up a bit with the heavy rains we had the last couple of days which increases the current through the chain that should also increase the bite. We started drifting the north river with 1/8 weedless jigs tipped with fatheads and other than some crank baiting later in the afternoon, we stuck with the presentation. The river only produced a couple fish early morning but we did have some action on the way back with Frenzies and X-raps. The lakes were surprisingly quiet all day with much less boat traffic than usual. The gas prices may be taking their toll. After leaving the river we fished Pistakee, Nippersink, Fox, Petite and Channel lake which produced 16 more walleyes throughout the day. Also picked up many white bass, one largemouth, one small mouth, a crappie and a single drum. Almost made it all day without a drum, that doesn't happen very often.

Walleyes started out smaller but through the day we picked up some nice eater size. Out of the 18 caught, about half were between the 14-18 slot with the biggest being in the 17 inches range.

The wind really kicked up by the afternoon and we headed for protected areas to still allow for a vertical presentation. The bite was soft but there were a few fish that did hammer the bait.

White bass are still milking a bit but were on a pretty good bite with 20 caught for the day. most between 8 and 11 inches. Probably missed twice that many. After awhile you can feel the difference in the bite and could tell you had a white or possible a drum nipping at the minnow. We also picked up a nice crappie. We could have changed our presentation to a slip bobber a bit probably caught many more but our prime goal was staying on the walleye bite.

I was glad to get into some nice keeper size eye's before the day ended for Doug and John as this was a second trip for Doug and the first one last year was not all that productive for the eye's. This trip we were able to get into a more consistent bite.

As Doug and John were leaving for the day, I got the boat ready for an evening trip with Ted. We stayed on the north river and headed into cheese-land where we fished around the Wilmot area picking up a single walleye about 15 inches. You can tell a river fish from the chain fish as their coloring is a bit darker. The river eye was also chunkier with a full belly which told me they may have been on a good bite above the border all day.

The White's were also hammering the minnows but the big fish of the day was a 24 inch Channel cat caught right around the state line that gave Ted a great fight on light tackle. We also watched a fella fight and land a beautiful Channel Cat that had to go 30 inches. With water temps on the rise, you can bet the catfish bite is gonna turn on soon. Water temps are in the mid to upper 60's. All fish were caught between 3-6 foot of water except the cat that was taken from about 8 foot.

So, another safe and respectable day on the water with over 40 fish caught and only a single Drum.

Want to thank Doug and John for spending the day on the Spinner Boat. This was Doug's second trip and fortunately a productive on as the first time out last year was not a good walleye producer with only a few small ones caught. It was a bit of sweet revenge.

DNR and Sheriff's boats were out on the river and the lakes. Pulling boats over checking catches, safety gear and issuing citations. It's good to see their presence, especially on the north river where many illegal fish are taken every year.

Until next time, enjoy the outdoors.
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