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The weeks outlook

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Well it figures,, the working man is back to the 9 to 5 grind and the weather clears up for the week , long range outlook for the week show mild weather again until ..... you guessed it , the weekend !!!
Most of the northern lakes on the chain have turned , if you could get out say Wed thurs, or friday you should have some decent fishing since the mild weather will have been stabile for 3 days , if you go on the weekend you might be fishing the cold front senario again !!!
Well we will have to wait and see. I hope to get out this weekend , Friday I'm hunting , saturday "honey doo's" so maybe sunday,, oh sh*&$T it's the wifes birthday and my Moms birthday this weekend,,, whats a guy to do ??? and don't say bring Ma and the wife fishing !!!,,, ~~T
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Lol, my friend. A trip to Bath & Body Works for lots of pretty smelling soaps, lotions, and accessories usually does well for gifts. Vitabath is another great gift that my mom always loves. Carsons carrys that.

Next... go nuts with the flowers. My landlord is Ridgewood Gardens in Niles. Krystyna makes the most awesome arrangements and delivers. 847-647-9553. Tell her you are a friend of mine and she'll take care of you.

Finally... A GOOD CARD. Make the wife and mom cry with the card!
It was my girlfriends b-day this monday and I gave her cold hard cash. I know it's not very personal but she mentioned she wanted boots. BOOTS!!!??? What the hell do I know about womens shoes! So cash it was and a b-day party with some friends at a friends sushi restaurant with all you can drink sake. She had a great time and it was fun for me too. I'm still recovering.'s my b-day this Sat. (wink, wink) I can always use some hooks or line or a package of senkos. lol
Augy said:'s my b-day this Sat. (wink, wink) I can always use some hooks or line or a package of senkos. lol
Augy, my friend... cash :lol: !

Reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where Jerry gives Elaine cash and she gets pissed! Man that is funny!

So tell us... how much cash did you give her? Did she like it? Did she get the boots?

I've always wanted to try sake but never have. Good stuff?
She did get the boots and loves em. She didn't mind the cash at all. I'm broke so I only gave her 100 bones, which was exactly how much the boots cost. She knows I'm broke so she appreciated it. Now it's her turn to buy me some kickass waders. :D
oh yeah...sake is delicious. You can drink, and drink, and drink more and more and more of this stuff and by the time you realize you had enough, it's too late. Your friggin TRASHED!!!
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