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Shore fished Busse from 530-730. Wind was howling at 12mph (SW winds) fished the NE side with the wind directly in my face. The rains and clouds that I was anticipating never showed. :(

I managed 3 LMB all small and all very close to shore. All were caught of plastics, Yum wooley hawg and forked dingers. Nothing on cranks or senkos.

No size but just an example of the wind theory. This is one of those things that I was told but never had the patience for until I was fishing with my buddy one day and he was pulling in cats, eyes, bass and crappie. After witnessing this, I now have the patience even though he still outfishes me with this technique. One of the best days I have seen with him have been with the wind howling at 20+ mph in our face.

I wish Beck was closer to me cause I would really like testing this there for some eyes. :wink:

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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