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Its going to happen Thursday Night Bass tournaments I got the ok today on the ramp so I will be posting all the details this week. I thank everyone for the interest. Pat

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Its happening for info. look at We are division 14 if you have any questions feel free to call me 1-847-980-4640 Thanks Pat

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I was reading the rules

"Every boat must have all required Coast Guard safety equipment, in addition to a live well properly aerarated to adequately maintain a live five bass team limit." Not sure mine is big enough for 5 big bass

hmmm...... this may be a problem

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Bassman For Life said:
Mike they make some realy nice ones for coolers and the run off d cell batteries
"D" (Are you kidding )

Ball busting time.

Sry Bassman.

Boat generally has a 12 volt battery........... meaning the 3 amp of drain

on a deep cycle battery is worth it.

I made a "shad" tank for lake cumberland back in 1990.

I still use it today (minus a few 500gph pumps). The tank needed to be

round so those gizzard chad would not find a corner and beat themselfs to

death. So in smoked filled days I looked around and they wanted big cash

for a "round tank" ......look.....

So I took a 55 gal drum. Borrowed it from somewhere and found where

on the boat where I could put it. Decieced on the height of the tank and

cut a few inches higher on the Rockfish theory that bigger is better..Found

out the height. Now I needed a top for the big open area and a brain cell I

knew I had said.... Use the top of the drum stupid..........

I cut the top around 3 inches below the lid and it pretty much fit like a

glove.( no... not like O'J..........)

Cut a opening into the top part so I could get the fish in and out and there

I have around a 20 gallon tank for shad or any fish for the price of my 2

hours of brain time and 1 hour of labor and a few screws and 3 tubes of

caulk and a pump. Now the first trip when the boat was at WOT the water

was flying pretty much everywhewre except in the tank so I came up with

a idea of making a round lid of wood and carpet it and now I had a dual

purpose tank/seat.Its all original except a pump and carpet.

I will post a pic when I find them and on this video you can see it for few

secs but not a full view. On the right side in the first 10 secs of the vodeo ... %20one.WMV

Now you can also use a smaller heavy duty drum, they do come in all



PS if you want to borrow the tank for awhile (no plans on using it since

they pulled the drain on Lake Cumberland....dam repair) and promise not

to STEAL IT or I get your boat ............Its sitting on the side of my

house . free use if you have the gas money...........gzzzzzzz 3.69 here
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