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Thurs AM

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Out for a few hours around 9AM, one 14' bass only. No other strikes what so ever.
Was told by a mother with her child that 3 lovely teens caught a big fish by the pier and then proceeded to stomp it into a pile of mush freaking out her kid.
Took a stroll later to the pier and sure enough there was a pile of guts on the pier and a smashed rather large catish floating with the rest of his guts
hanging out.
Kids or no kids people like that should be banned from fishing for life.
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Too bad the police weren't around at that time. Since that lake is catch and release only except for carp they could have been arrested for that. :evil:
That kind of crap really pi$$es me off. :evil: I have absolutely no tolerance for it and if I had been there, those kids would have been taking a swim. :twisted:
14` :shock: simply amazing
Culprit said:
14` :shock: simply amazing
:shock: :shock: :shock:
actually, that kind of behavior is frightening I think. Those kids have some real serious issues if they are taking their aggression out on a fish! It's kinda pathetic that the kids think that's acceptable behavior at any age. Makes you appreciate taking your kids fishing with you and teaching them how to appropriately express anger and throwing your rod and reel in the drink! :lol:
but at the same time, we've all done some stupid things ourselves when we were kids. i'll be the first to admit i was no angel when i was a kid. we've all shot bb guns at some poor creature, burned a thing or two and yes, have dismembered insect limbs in the name of entertainment.

we don't try to kill the fish we hunt but we don't lose any sleep if we deep hook a fish either. we do plenty of killing without any second thoughts is what i guess i'm trying to say. :mrgreen:

but they shouldn't of done that that's for sure. there had to be an adult present at some time and you'd think someone would step in.

at least tell them to clean up after themselves and maybe they won't do it again!
I fished both piers thurs. morning from 6:00 to 8:00. No kids fishing there at that time. Which pier did you see the dead cat on the north pier or the south pier ? Sure wish I had been there when those kids caught the cat. If it was a carp maybe I can see killing it. I wonder if the lady said anything to the kids.
go get em jim!! if anyone can do it, it's you. call me when you need bail money! :mrgreen: :lol:
They were more than cheating. :lol:
yeah, we all have done stupid thing as kids and even as adults. but smashing an animal to smithereans (sp?) is akin to lighting a cat on fire, or a mouse or something, don't you think? I mean, there's stupid and foolish, then there is sick and I off base thinking that this would fall under somewhat demented? at least as I am picturing the scenario. kids catching a fish, then stomping on it to see its guts splatter all over the place. even when I shot a little birdie as a kid I didn't then go and stomp its brains out. is this 'normal' now?

help a guy get in touch with the new generation :?
I have a son and nephew that are both 14 and love to fish. Both of them would think that this was totally wrong and would have talked those kids out of doing a stupid thing like this.
Yet another instance of the crap we see and must decide how to deal with when we go fishing.

Things like that happen everywhere, be it The Glen, Lake Michigan, The Fox Chain, or anywhere, it's going to happen. And it sucks and pisses us all off to no end.

Personally, I take it situation by situation, weather its poaching, breaking various regulations, or even stomping on a fish - i feel it's important to handle it properly and safely. I'm not gonna get my ass beat by a bunch of thugs doing stupid stuff, but at the same time i'll certainly speak up and let it be known if someone is blatantly doing harm and it needs to be addressed.

I've had rocks thrown at my head, threats to be beat up, and numerous verbal taunts from idiots like that. But at the same time i've put the fear of a burning hell in those I could and never saw them at my favorite fishing spots again.

Bottom line... be careful, be safe, and handle these situations like mature adults. If we stoop to these idiots level, well, never a good thing.
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i'm not at all condoning their behavior. i'm just saying that kids will be kids. stomping on a fish to watch it blow up and splatter guts all over the place IS demented, twisted, evil, sick, irresponsible and down right nasty behavior.

if i was there i would of told them kids to clean it up. sure, making the mess is fun, but cleaning up blood and guts like that just may deter them from doing it again.
Augy to DNR officer while behind a rock slicing up a live gizzard to use as bait: "Officer, is what i'm doing illegal?"

Officer to Augy (still behind rock): "I don't know... what ARE you doing?"

With blood and fish scales all over him, Augy emerges from behind the rock at which time I simply doubled over in laughter.

The look on the officers face... :shock:
The look on Augy's face... :shock: :oops:
Me... :lol:

:lol: Good one Jay!
I thought that my poacher friend that rides his bike arround the Glen setting his set lines was gone this year. I was mistaken. I was at the Glen early this morning 5:45 and caught him attaching fishing line with baited hooks on the north fishing pier. I was on the south pier and I yelled at him but by the time I got over to the north pier he had left on his bike. I cut all of the lines he had attached to the pier. Please keep your eyes open for any set lines around the Glen. I confronted this same guy last year and he just smiles and nods his head when confronted. The cops have talked to him several times but they only warn him.
I was there for about an hour today, and just kept draging those lines in. Not just one or two, either. Reminds of the idiot at skokie lagoons who filled his stringer up with "Legal" sized bass everyday(funny though, he strung em up before you could see how big they were) and bragged about it. I cant count how many times people would confront him but it never botherd him at all. He catches all his bass with crawlers and bobbers, and 2 weeks ago when i saw him there it was just to darn weedy and he was so pissed that he walked away with his wife and kid. Meanwhile I kept tossing my senko into the same spot, and proceded to have some fun! You might see him there, right at the damn between 5 n 6, with his stringer, and grocery carrier full of bait, and wife n kid, with pics in hand of stringers full of bass.

Maybe citizens arrest him Jim! Ill supply the wire ties.
Thanks for the heads-up Jim. If I see your friend at the Glen he may get tied up with some Power Pro and end up at the bottom. :evil: I have little tolerance for that kind of crap. :x
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