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Tips on Yorkville Dam?

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Hi guys, was at Yorkville Dam today. My first time, it was beautiful out there. Would anyone have any tips on fishing out there. Best baits lures areas.

For the short time I was there I was casting a Senko up into the dam on the downstream side. Because of the stained water I should have used a brighter color. And also had a couple extra large shiners right up to the dam for any catfish lurking. I also liked the tail water at the bottom of the Shute.

Anything is appreciated.

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I see more walleye and ski come from the dam area in Yorkville, as opposed to bass. If you're looking for cats, pretty much everywhere else up-river from the dam till you get to the tail-end of Saw Wee Kee Park is good water to kayak or float for cats. Some holes above the dam are over 5 feet deep so wading isn't a great idea. I'm sure there are flatheads around below the dam, but I see way more caught above.
The tail-out of the chute peninsula creates a seam with the main river flow. Take the pedestrian bridge to access the peninsula. I fish that seam with a Ned rig and swim baits. Fish also the south side of the island. The whole shore running parallel to the island has smallies, cats and eyes certain times of the year. You can access the island by crossing the shallow area on the north side. I also see guys fishing the north end of the dam. I never have but I have seen numerous people there.
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Jimbo, Thankyou much, I greatly appreciate it. I will put that into practice this week, and good luck to your fishing this week as well.
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