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Topwater bite!

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Got there about 6 PM and started twitching a Live Target frog over the pads and got struck on the third cast. Spent another hour or so and got a few more swipes but no hookups. I made my way over to the long pier, took one cast with a whopper plopper (90, loon) and hooked up. Spent another hour or two, but didn't land anything else. I feel like that has been consistently my experience at Lake Glenview. I get bit right away and then nothing afterward. Great time, though. My expectations for success or so low there so catching anything is a thrill.


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Lake Glenview can be a tough body of water. As Woohoodude pointed out, there are few shore accessible places that are close to deeper water drop offs. Fishing the pads, and the stick-ups, for me, as well as the long pier, have been the most productive. Several years ago, I went out 2-3 times in July and August, and ended up landing 6-7 nice 14"+ in an hour or two, but I haven't had that kind of action there since. Usually, I land 1-3, usually 13-15", and an the occasional 17-18". I did catch my 26" Tiger Muskie off the long pier last July. It is a worth it to fish this lake, but be prepared with a back-up body of water in case the bite is shut down.
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