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I most-likely failed my morning final exam- the very last one. Afterwards I met up with some friends and we went fishing.

Today my site held a mini "rodeo" - like a formal get-together for fishing. I threw out an invite and 5 of us showed up to the river and did some fishing and bullshitting around.

Met up with Chris, Dan (xpress) - also a member here, and two of his friends and we fished from a little after 2pm until we decided that it was time to depart - around 430.

While making the 45-min drive westward towards the river, I had the feeling that whatever would be caught today would be tight to cover and out of the current - at the expense of this monster cold-front that came. Well, it turned out worse. I had the right idea, but it was worse.

Water levels and the overall river quality took a major piss over the past 24-hours. I didn't think the river would be as bad as it was today because I don't think it rained a whole lot over the past few days - but that's just me plus being inside for the past week studying my ass off, I was kind of dense on the overall weather and conditions. Water was like chocolate milk, current was everywhere, and levels must have came up 1-2feet above normal.

We pounded the crap out of a stretch of shoreline that was maybe 3/4 of a mile. I believe we worked every shoreline eddy and current break we saw. Chris was doing double-duty like I was. Baitcaster with spinnerbait and spinning rod with texas-rigged plastic. Dan and his buds were working streamers on the spinning gear and then resorted to cranks and minnowbaits One of the friends claimed to have had a nice 18" Smallmouth at hand but failed on landing it because the fish buried the hooks in his hand and then flopped out. Tough break!

Chris, working by far the nicest shoreline eddy we found today.

Prior to calling it an afternoon, we split up. Dan stayed behind with his two friends who were working an area near shore while Chris and I headed back towards the access area where we worked some calmer water near the bridge pillars.

Chris had some hits on the YUM Crawbug but neither stayed on. He was excited and anxious but no takers. We worked the area and the little slackwater pool for about 20-minutes before we decided to call it shortly before 430.

After departing the river, I shot northward on Rte. 59 thru Plainfield and Bolingbrook in search of ponds - and I figured this would be on the way towards Bass Pro because I had to stop and buy a few items for the boat. I found many ponds and ditches along the way and even saw some nice stretches on the nearby river - however, I couldn't find adequate nor safe parking areas so I hit up a "secret" pond in the Naperville area near my best fishing buddy's house.

I was mainly working a 3/8oz chart/silver tandem willow Terminator spinnerbait on the caster. After 45mins of quick casting and coverage of the pond, I'm about to call it a day and head over to BPS. Then out of nowhere a nice white flash appears before me, quickly and lazily on the prowl for the spinnerbait. The fish misses, I'm in shock because this was the first fish I had seen in the past 7+ days and maybe in 2 weeks :lol: - keep in mind the water clarity was piss-poor here at this pond too.

Toting the extra rod on the chest pack, I had the option of tossing out a follow-lure which was a jig & creature. But decided to stay stubborn and quickly fan-cast the area that the fish appeared in. After 10 quick casts, I finally pissed off the fish to the point that he attacked. . . . . And the rest is history.

Down I went on the goose shit to make sure I landed the 16" chunkster and to get a quick photo.

I stayed for another 5-10mins after this fish. I had one more fish follow me in but this was lazier than the one I had caught. I did some more quick fan-casting only to end up losing the spinnerbait which somehow flew off into the middle of the drink.

At that point, I was too lazy to continue on this hard-fought and hard-earned afternoon of fishing. It was apparent that the trip to Bass Pro was in the works - to buy my boat goodies and to replace the lost spinnerbait.

Regardless of piss-poor conditions, it was a fun afternoon and I was finally able to get out of the house for the first time in over a week! :lol:

Now I will have all the fishing time in the world!! Gonna make a re-con trip to the river again later this week or early next week!

Happy fishing.
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