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Tree Rat Hunting

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I was driving through Davenport and I almost slammed my truck into a tree as this hawk flew by with a Tree rat in Its talons. I did the best I could with the picture as he was flying and I was fumbling around tring to get the camera in position.

Anyway its still pretty cool

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That's actually pretty cool. I carry my camera with me just for moments like that.

Just don't crash the truck!
Reminds me of an incident I experienced. Awhile back as I was driving, I forget where, with both driver and passenger windows rolled down, I swear this daredevil bird flew in the drivers side, grazed my nose and flew out the passenger side. I was doing about 40. I kid you not!!! :shock:
There is a guy on one of the other sites that i visit who is a man from the Chicagoland area and has a falconry license. He uses his bird to hunt. He has the same seasons as everyone else, but he is able to hunt anywhere. His wife also has a falconry license and she teaches classes all around about the birds of prey.

Just thought it was interesting. If it wasn't so expensive I would definitely get into it.
At Deer grove forest preserve I had a rabbit fall from the sky and land with a loud thud right in front of me. A bird mustve dropped it :?:
That's a cool sight to see! :D
Last summer in the field in front of my work, a hawk killed a rabbit and was standing perched on it when I pulled up a 630am. When I got out of the car the hawk tried to fly away, but the rabbit was too heavy. The hawk couldnt get more than 4ft off the ground. It flew right at another cars winshield that was pulling into the lot, and dropped the rabbit just in time to avoid hitting the car. It was truly an amazing sight. We waited around for it to come back for the rabbit, but it never did.
nice pic man, never seen anything like that except on tv
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