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Trolling Motor

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Guys, I'm looking for some suggestions. I'm considering this new 2004 model (discontinued) trolling motor on sale at Cabelas bargain cave for $370 w/ free shipping:

Minn Kota Vector 65 Super Duty Transom-Mount w/ 3X

What do you guys think? I don't own a boat, so it will be for trips like to deep lake and lakes similar to it with 12' metal rental row boats. I'm too old to be rowing all over lakes with two or three people onboard, so will definitley need a trolling motor. Do you guys think this is too big, too small, just right? Thanks for any feedback!
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I have a MinnKota 30lb thrust, also a 5hp 4stroke outboard. Both are fine for 99% of the time, but that 1% I wish I had that extra umph. It's a tradeoff, $$$ or that extra umph. But an electric trolling motor is far more usable around here and if thats the only motor you have go with all the umph your $$$ can afford. Check craiglist for some deals, you could probably do better than Cabelas. Electric motors are really pretty simple so theres not a whole lot that can go wrong, so testing it would likely expose any problems.
You can probably find an electric trolling motor for less $. That is a more expensive model and there are cheaper ones that have less thrust. Electric will give you less problems than a gas one, but the gas one will give you more power.
I would get the biggest 12v that you can afford, with a 24 volt you will need two batteries I believe. I have a 55lb thrust minnkota endura that I got at dicks for like 220 or so. it pushes my 14' boat fine with 2 or 3 peeps.
remember eric, you have to lug that thing around as well and like you said, your not a youngin like fishboy. :mrgreen: not only that, you need a good battery and a charger too, so add that to your budget before making your decision.

a 28-30lb thrust will suit you fine with these smaller boats and you can get these for around $100. check ebay for some great deals on trolleys as well as older outboards under 10 horse.
Thanks, Guys. I definitely overlooked the 24v factor. I was just drawn by the discount in sale price (from retail) that I got a little excited. My blisters from the little rowing I did at Deep lake two weeks ago were doing the thinking for me (instead of my wallet) this morning when I saw this particular one.

Maybe I will check out Dick's on Friday after work and see what they've got on their shelves for close to 1/2 this price.
Hey Eric, yeah I think that the trolling motor ya' chose out is too nice, lol. Almost $400?! lol, I agree w/ everyone else that a smaller one will do just fine... (even though you purchasing this trolling motor may mean I don't have to row as often........ lol)
i would check out bass pro shop and walmart & remember that battery is gonna be heavy...
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