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Trout farm

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Has anyone fished the old trout farm on golf road lately?? Have you caught anything, ive been going over there and nothing everytime
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I thought that place was long gone. Didn't they develop it with condos or something?
You mean that pay lake? Didn't even realize it was a trout farm.

And welcome to WCF roleplay! :lol:
they were suppose to be condos but they never got the permit to build them because they dont have to access roads, i live right next door i was walking out there the other day and some guy came up to me and asked me if i caught anything and i said last year yea, and all he said was oh i thought i fished that lake out so i dont think that lake is very hopeful, just carp
There are LOTS of gills in that lake, along with some bass. I fished there twice last year and the biggest bass was only like 10-11 inches. But, there are some HUGE carp in there.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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