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Trout opening day Deep Quarry 4/1/06

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Temps in mid 40's, overcast skies, and what seemed like a 10 mph west wind. After looking all over for the lake Aguy and I found a nice spot and we went to town with pink and orange Berkley Power Trout Bait fished 2 feet off the bottom on a #14 treble hook. Fished from 4-6pm. Between the two of us we got 11 (gave #11 to the guys next to us). Augy had the big fish at 17" and they seemed to aveage 1.25 lbs cleaned. There where several times when we had doubles on and if you count the guy next to us, triples. They all seem to hit at once. These fish are bigger than any put and take trout I have ever seen. These are really nice fish.

Pics to follow soon.
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Great job Will. I will be at them tommorrow. Hope you guys saved a few for us :wink:
are you going to Deep? I'm gonna head out there agian as well. Lemme know when you'll be there and we can swing by and say hey.
Augy and his 17" Rainbow

Both of Augy's trout

Me and my 16.5" Rainbow

The take for the day
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:shock: Those fish look HUGE compared to last year! Do you think they will be that big for CCFP?
I only hope they are as big. If its the same ole dinks at CCFPD, just swing over to Deep Quarry and grab some big guys.

Dude, that is one scary stare you got going. Hello!? Seriel fish killer!! :mrgreen:

Seriously, these trout don't even compare to last years Axehead trout. I actually ate some Jay!
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B/W 2 guys we got 2 hits and one fish on Sunday. Besides ours we saw 3 or 4 other fish caught. Sorry Will, I did not see your post in time.
Its John Wayne Goby! I wonder if he'll be burying any of those fish under his house!
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