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trout report 10/21/06 w/pics

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Headed out this morning at around 8:00. Many nice spots were taken and I didn't get a good spot until about 9:30. From 10-11:30 was awesome. We were constantly getting bites and fish. I brought along that new L action St. Croix and my new Shimano reel. Catching those nice trout on a L action was so fun. Fish seemed much better this year than the previous stockings. All fish were a good size. Almost forgot, the hot baits were wax worms and mini kastmasters. Here's a couple pics of my limit :D

How did you guys end up doing at Axehead?
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I think everyone did fairly well. My friend (stu) and I didn't limit out before leaving at 9:30, but it was still a good time.

Thanks to CubsFan for sharing his bait and flashlight, Augy for the extra fish, Jason for picking up bait for me, and every else for all the tips out there!!

Here are the pics from my camera. I'm sure Jason and Augy have a ton more to share.

This one is a little blurry because it's a cropped background shot from a self portrait that I took during the outting.

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It was great to meet up with everyone today. It looks like the fishing picked up after we left for Phil.
Stocked trout...

Everyone had better limited out !!


I havn't gone ..

If you've been keeping up with my chicago river reports I focused else where...

Might get up there Next weekend for a limit...

A little Challange is nothing....


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Looks like fun guy's wish I could have been there
What type of trouts are these?? Are they still catchable weeks after the stock?? Or are they virtually gone cuz of the 100's of anglers on opening day?
Rainbow trout. The best time to fish is the first few days. Obviously, after that it becomes more difficult.
toothdoc said:
Rainbow trout. The best time to fish is the first few days. Obviously, after that it becomes more difficult.
Actually, I went today from 3:30-about 6. For the first time in a long time, I got skunked...with stocked trout! How does this happen?! The day after it opens and I go back and get NONE? Maybe I went too late and they only bite earlier? Any ideas? I'm sure that there is a lot left, but I just don't know what could have happened?
We were talking about this yesterday, and Jason said that he guessed that probably about 60-65% of the trout would have been caught yesterday. I tend to agree. There were over 150 people there yesterday morning when we were there. I'm sure that it was crowded all day long. Don't get me wrong, there still are fish to catch. It's just that it will get harder as time goes on. What worked one day may not work the next.
I do agree that many were caught...but after all, it is the second day. Last year, I remember getting my limit the weekend after and doing pretty well even 2 weeks later. I talked to a guy today that says he's caught trout there as late as July! You can also think of this in a positive way...the fish will last a lot longer. Let's just hope that it was just a bad day today.
The weather was a lot colder Sunday, and I'm sure that had a big effect on it. You're right, there are still plenty of fish there. It's just that they are going to be a little tougher to catch.
i went back out on sat with the wife to get her limit and not a damn thing. noticed the wind direction changed from south to north winds. that might of turn the fish off. only saw 1 fish being pulled out from 4-6.
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