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Twin Lakes Fishing Report: 6-23-07

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Fished Donut Lake with Will from 2pm-5pm. Mixed periods of sun and clouds; temps about 80; ESE winds 3-7mph.

First I must say I was very impressed with their fishing boats. We got a very nice aluminum boat with a trolling motor for 3 fours at $16.00. Not bad at all.

We wound up with 5 total largemouth bass all 11"-13". Probably didn't help fishing in the middle of the day but at least we got some fish. Will caught 2 on minnows and I caught 3 all on wacky-rigged Senko's. I think Twin Lakes will get a couple of more visits from me during the coming week.

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Here a pic of one of the 2 fish I caught before Mr. Sunshine arrived.

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Mr. Sunshine?
That would be Jason, or "Jay the wiggidy wackk (with 2 k's) Dog" as he likes to be called
What time does this place open up? I might swing by there tomorrow morning for some fishing.
Nice outing guys !
good job guys! where's the pic of the monster tiger?

the rentals sound reasonable.
Don't quote me but I think it opens at 6am
Cool, thanks. I figured it would be a sunrise to sunset type place, and 6am is close enough to sunrise for me. :D
It closes at 10pm which is sweet for those of you that hate going home when the night bite starts.
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