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Twin Lakes Report 10-13-05

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I went back to my old minnow ways and now I remember why I like them so much. Well the good news was I ran out of minnows, the bad new is I ran out of minnows.

Fished from 1:00-3:00 half sunny and half cloudy (cloudy was much better time). Fished off the pier toward the rock wall. Most of the fish where at the shoreline 1-2 feet from land. Tossed 30 medium shiners and 8 suckers. Lost about 5 to snags, the rest resulted in Bass with the exception of one 20" catfish.

I took tomorrow off work to see if the trend continues. :lol:
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Dude, I was "this close" to going to Twin Lakes this afternoon. But with sunset constraints, wound up at Beck.

I may very likely go to Twin Lakes tomorrow afternoon.

Bass beware! :roll:
If I don't go to Geneva I'll be there. FYI Twin Lakes closes at 10 PM daily. One of the few local places I know of to fish after dark.
Can I launch my own canoe or do I have to rent one?
You would have to rent a fishing boat with trolling motor, they are cheap if I remember correctly, BUT the boat rentals are closed for the year.
Will, how are you using the minnows? I went there for the first time about two weeks ago, with shiners and roaches and got skunked. But, I was using them in a slip bobber, like 15 feet out and 6 feet deep. Also tried some Rapala crankbaits with no luck. Thanks.

I use shiners and suckers on a free line (no weight, no float, just a hook) off the pier closest to the rock wall fishing toward the rocks. That is basically the only structure in the lake and the school up there. I cast 'em and aim for about 1 foot off the rocks, let 'em soak for a minute, pull 'em in a few feet, repeat 'til your tired of catching fish!

Let me know when you are gonna head out there next and I'll meet ya out there and share some tricks with you. This lakes fishes different from any other lake I have fished.
Ever catch a northern or perch, or any other kind of fish there, besides bluegill and bass?
There I've caught tiger muskies, perch, crappie, yellow bass, catfish, bullheads, and carp in addition to LM bass and gills. I have heard RUMORS of a smallie and a walleye caught there once. They must have been transplants. Story goes that a few years ago some guy caught a bunch of SM bass and 'eyes on the Fox and stocked Twin with them over a summer. I don't think they stuck well, I have never seen one there
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