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Uchi Lake, Ontario Canada; 6/26 - 6/26 2007

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My father, Rudy(twoglasseyes) and I spend the last five days fishing at Uchi lake Lodge in Ontario Canada. Uchi Lake is a fly-in lodge located 75 miles north of Sioux Lookout near Red Lake.

The lodge provides a cabin, boat, bait and all the meals but the fishing is left to you.

This was my Dad's fifteenth trip to the lake, my seventh and Rudy's first. Some of the good old spots produced while others were slower than years past.

The lake is primarily a walleye lake: however it holds nice pike and a small perch population.

All of the pictured walleyes are between 20 and 27 inches. As a group we caught well over 100 fish a day.

While fishing for walleyes we typically used the classic jig and minnow combo. At the end of the week we were shocked to find out that as a group we used 70 dozen minnows :shock: .

Deep diving cranks in the hot sun did well while floating rapalas ruled in the calm late evenings.

We tended follow the current and also fished wind blown bays, if the lake and wind was still we fished inlet rivers. It had rained at the lodge for two weeks in the row before we arrived. This provided plenty of current near the inlets.

If you think bass thumb is bad you should feel walleye finger after a week of fishing. The fish has a semi sharp gill plate that can often cut you when it wiggles.

The fish below was a true pig. It peeled my drag four times before I even saw it and continued to peel it twice more before I caught it. At first I thought for sure that it was a pike.

Below is Rudy's biggest fish which measured just below 9 feet long.

The pike were biting like crazy this year. All pike below were all 31-37 inches.

Rudy did really well with different kinds of spinnerbaits. Green and walleye colored ones performed rather well.

My dad has truly mastered his jigging techniques. 90% of the fish he catches are hooked right through the lip. He was able to land this big guy on a 1/4 ounce jig without a bite-off.

There is a very narrow channel that connects the two main parts of the lake. In the evening if there is any current you can always catch pike trolling a random crankbait.

When the walleye bite was slow our favorite activity was throwing topwaters for pike in still shallow bays. On many different occasions I had pike break the surface and try to hit my lure 3-4 times before finally nailing it. The fish below was caught on a j-9 floating rapala. My heart skipped a beat when it exploded out of the water.

We saw tons of different wildlife.

I recommend Uchi for anyone who is planning a Canada Trip. Judy(owner) and the rest of the staff are first class and the fishing is absolutely unbelievable. The lake and lodge seem better and better every time I go.
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wow those are some fish. VERY NICE :D now we just need to move that lake to illinois haha. Looks like a great trip. Good Job fellas
Awesome fish and pics, Sean. Glad you guys had such a great time! And welcome back.
Siimply amazing fishing gentlemen. Great post.
Awesome fish and pics guys. Thanks for sharing!
nice fish especially the 9 foot walleye :lol: , glad u got some nice fish guys, now its my turn to get up there :D
I used to Fly out of Sioux Lookout. When I used to go to Canada every year. Nice bag of Fish. Hard to come back here and fish after a trip like that
wow! what a trip that must of been! it really does look like an amazing place to visit. i guess your dad has taught you a thing or two about fishing. :wink:

i was kinda freakin out when you described how this was your dad's 15th time up there and below is a pic of rudy. i thought that was your dad and was thinking, DANG!, sean's dad is awefully young. lol :lol: :mrgreen:

Thanks for sharing and welcome back!
Awsome trip guys ! those eyeballs r huge ! :shock:
I've never seen a walleye or pike anywhere near that dark in color, wow! So great fish looks like an awesome lake..... i'm jealous
ya those eyes are really dark, beautiful fish. The first pic I looked at I had to do a double-take to figure out what the hell it was lol!! Good bag of fish guys, looks like an amazing lake with amazing fishing!
Great pics really love the wildlife pics, thnaks for sharing.
Your pictures say it all!!!!
No words needed.
Looks like a great trip. Thanks for sharing,

What a great looking place. I have to make it up there one of these day. Thanks for the post.
I was just browsing the web thinking about fishing instead of working and decided to check out the Uchi Lake Lodge website. To my surprise it appears one of our own is featured on the front page in a picture known as "man with walleye". :? I believe that is our one and only Islandfisher. I guess your famous now. :D Well, at least up there you are. :wink:
That's pretty cool Sean! My nephew is on the brochure for the lodge that we went to in Canada last year.
1 - 20 of 30 Posts
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