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well, got out today at 1:00, started using berkley realstix, nothing.did this for an hour or so, then i ate a brat and headed around the lake to the other side.tried a night it was about 4:00, headed back to where we set up...tried again,realstix. with a grey and black colors like a real minnow, if you know were the boulder is in the lak about 3/4 to the pipes from the parking.stood up on the rock and started a bass abou a pound, then fished by the pipes, got a bass blow up on my lure, but couldn't set the hook. Had another bass blow up but i set the hook until it got to the shore...SNAP...then i got another bass about a pound again.had a couple more bites but that was it.all in all good day :wink:
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Now that the trout are just about gone the bass action should pick up. Good report PoP.
one thing i like about axehead bassin is that you can sight fish! that water is so clear i love watching the bass take the bait.
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