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Here is a late report from last Saturday the 14th. I did some upland hunting out at Rooster Haven hunt club. That place is nice ,, first class with nicely laid out fields. I got to hunt field 5. The morning started out a little windy and chilly ,, the wind died down and the temp went up. It was sunny with mile high skies. Radar worked well and found a mess of birds , at one point we walked into a large covey of quail and the dog went nuts pointing here pointing there , it was hilarious !!! the four of us only managed to drop 2 birds out of the covey because we were laughing too hard and in awe !! I hunted with 2 friends , one of them brought his 15 year old son and he was awesome. A well mannered Kid who has a passion for shooting and the great outdoors. It's nice to see that because its young people like him that will keep our rights and our sport alive.
Well we lost a few birds that we dropped in the swift moving river/creek , Radar jumped in to retrieve but I guess the cold water told him different as he just jumped right out !!! Oh well I guess them birds will end up being coyote food somewhere along the water.
The 4 of us ended up with around 30 pheasant and a mix of 30+ chukar and quail,, I can't wait to roast up then quail !! YUMMY !!!!!!!!
Got to meet lots of people , we had a blast . Rooster Haven put on one heck of a lunch for us too !!! I can't wait to hunt there again , I strongly recommend that if you ever get the chance to hunt out at Rooster Haven don't pass it up !!,, ~~T
One other tip for you hunters,, when you bring your digital camera from home,, make sure you put the memory card back in it !!!! silly me !!!!!!!!!
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