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Very Late 11/10/07 Report

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I went up and fished Lake Marie on Saturday for about 7.5 hours. A little cold and it got windy as the day went on, but the fishing wasn't horrible. Started out pretty slow though, but by noon I had picked up 2 smallish white bass and a 19" channel catfish. Then from about 1:30 until 3:00 I picked up 6 walleye and a small white bass. The walleye were as follows: 10", 14", 14.5", 15", 18", 18.5". The pics are at home right now so check back later tonight and I should have them up. The two larger fish weighed in at 2lbs and 2lbs1oz, respectively. All 10 fish were caught on a jig and minnow. I also heard that one guy pulled in a 27" walleye that morning as well in addition to a couple of lower 20" walleye. Looks like the walleye bite was hot last Saturday on Marie. Might try and get out again this Sunday for what could be the last chance to realistically fish from a boat and not freeze my ass off. :shock: Hope the fish are still hungry by then. :D

p.s. A buddy of mine was up on Channel Lake on Friday and raised a mid-30" muskie, but couldn't get him on. I hear the muskie activity has been increasing up on the chain the last few weeks. Just thought I would throw that in. 8)
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Good job out there Matt! Thanks for the report.
Nice job Matt.
Nice report Matt
some nice eyeballs u got :D
Great report Clancy. Can wait for hard water :lol:
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