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Walleye and wildlife

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Slow going for smallies on my river but walleye have been biting. Same 3.5" tube have mostly been doing the catching but 3" twister tails are producing.

I'm tempted to bring a stringer for the walleye but my guess so far is they're all shorts. Sunny day mostly when these were caught.

I'm always messing with the snakes up here. They're pretty docile and don't seem to mind the interaction. Northern pine snake swam up to me near boat dock.

So yesterday I hit a bluejay with my truck, the bird was stunned. I bring it in my truck so it's not coyote food call around to some animal hospitals but no luck for treating wild animals. Back in Chicago we had Willowbrook wildlife rescue to handle such things.

Anyway my river is turning into a walleye river, things could be worse.

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FYI, bluejay flew off on his own after giving me a 'fu' squawk and staredown.
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Love your Northwoods posts, short or not those walleyes rock.

That snake picture gives me the willies, I would have been running away squealing!
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FYI, bluejay flew off on his own after giving me a 'fu' squawk and staredown.
Last year my wife's pet bird who likes to do very close passes, miscalculated, and hit the wall. He crashed so hard I thought he was done for, but he gradually walked it off and after a week was his regular annoying self. That taught me that birds are a bit less fragile than I thought.
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I did the same thing with a phasent once dam thing came back to life just went nuts in my truck flying all over the place
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Good job with the bird and eyes. You are blessed.
Those gold walleyes up there are awesome.
You caught some nice fish and that area is beautiful. Adding snake and bird charmer skills to your fishing credits as well.
Glad to see a come back for Blue Jays! A few years back you were lucky to see one! I've noticed a lot more cardinals and gold finches lately, also.
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