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Wallys at busse

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Caught these two off of one of the dams, couldn't tell u which one cause thier are so many, it is the one that ends up turning into the river. It was a little down the river. Swim bait hook these two and the lake was still way flooded so the damn was mean lookin :twisted:

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Those are a couple of nice lookin walleye. Well done!
Nice walleyes!
is that the wwd in the back? Nice eyes tho man good job
most def the WWD. nice eyes jelous.

Nice Walleyes :D Most of the walleye that come from that spot northern also Are so Finicky and Are always brought in the same way...SNAGGED! Glad thats not what you guys stooped down to, Keep them coming!
At first I didn't even notice that they were caught at the WWD: I was to focused on the beautiful fish. Nice job again!
my bad, WWD?
You are standing over the warm water discharge pipe from the treatment plant on the other side of 53. The areas premier winter fishing destination.
thank you
not sure, it was a bit chilly
nice job bro. northern come out of there 2?
didnt see any, clear water, caugt these pulling through the weeds in the middle, nice long cast too..... i guess one of those days
Nice eyeballs ! when did u catch them ?
had to be like 4 or 5 weeks ago, dont really recall
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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