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Took the day off from work and decided to head up to Waukegan with my buddy Dave. The weather was great with light SE with heavy fog around 56 degress SALMON WEATHER :lol:. Since the South Rocks was closed we fished on the jetty side from 5am till 6pm with good action on spawn and frozen herring on a boober about 5-8 feet down. We did notice a few anglers fishing at the point on the South Rocks but shortly after the cops arrived and busted them. I went 4-6 1 King 1 Coho and 2 Steelhead. My buddy went 1-6 but caught the biggest King I ever saw :shock: . We had several missed opportunities we just couldnt get that hook set into them. I think the hook was to small. We were using #6 hooks. They were all caught on spawn and frozen herring on a slip boober. Saw one other person hook up with a King on a spawn but me and buddy were getting all the action. I guess it could be this new secret sauce i started to use on the eggs :wink:. We did net get a weight or mesurments on the fish i forgot the my scale and tape mesure at home but here are the pic's. My buddy has to work on his carmera skills :D


Dark King gave it away

I think its a brown or a coho to small to be King

Another Steelhead

Here is my buddies King I would say close to 20#'s and over 35" she was a pig took about 40 minutes to bring her in on 10# mono.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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