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Waukegan 10/14/05 report...or should I say snaggers report

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A little late but what the heck.

Fished at gov't pier from 9:30-1am. Skunked but I don't feel so bad as only one guy reported catching one king actually "fishing". Used glow spoons and j-11's with glow tape. I think this time of year the kings aren't hitting the cranks or spoons but more apt to hit spawn on a bobber. Obviously I wasn't out there with spawn as I have no fish to brag about.

The pier was packed full of snaggers tho. People out carrying car batteries on dollies, carts and even baby carriages. One guy had a generator with flood lights. It was crazy.

While I was heading back, one snagger comes up to me and asks "catch anything", I reported no and he's like, "well, we caught 7!!!". I was going to say, "you mean you snagged 7", but I kept my cool. I would of thought him to say, "too bad man, good luck next time", or something of that nature. But he rubs it in my face. I should of said, "yeah I caught a dozen or so and released them". oh well, i know what to say to snaggers next time out.
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This, my friend, is what seperates us here at WCF (as well as many other real anglers), from the folks who are just out to "harvest any living creature by any means".

Look... i'm all for catching a good shore-lunch (though I don't eat fish). But snagging, at least to me, is not fishing.

Snagging for salmon is acutally legal at certain times of the year in certain locations. I'm not sure about now though, i'll have to check.

But when I see people doing that for northerns, bass, etc., on waters that clearly forbid it, I want to snag the people doing it and stick a giant hook in their ass!

What i'm really thinking of doing is having a pdf available here on Windycityfishing of regulations that we can all download and print to carry with us. When we see someone "breaking the law" we can simply hand it to them and tell them it is something they oughta know.
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Goes to show that just because it's within the boundaries of the law doesn't mean it's ethical.
I don't feel that snagging is ethical. I can understand the concept that the fish are going to die anyways, but Kings are not the only fish being snagged and kept out there.
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