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WCF May Walleye/Smallie Outing

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I'm thinking the 19th thru the 21st Port Clinton Ohio Captain Hook Fishing Charters Ive been there and it's great I allready have a group of 3 Will, Willy Jr., and myself. cost groups of 6 @ $255.00 each this includes 2 nights lodging in a very nice waterfront condo & 2 full day charters all bait & tackle included all you'll need is to purchase an Ohio fishing license & money for grub/gas for your vehicle. I have a mini van & can fit 3 more in, I guess we can split the gas & tolls. Condo has fully equiped kitchen and there's a grill for each condo so we can cook and save a little they also have a steak nite all u can eat $20.00, so start saving your chump change guys this is gonna be great! Augy, Jason, Rob you riding with us? 8)
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Oh here's their web address so you can check em out for yourselves... Phone 800-453-8403
I got a 4th in as well. So we need 2 more.
Have you used this guide before? I checked out some guides at the show. We are planning a trip there the end of June after the smallie season opens.
all i have to say is Pete took captain of the year award 2006 and we were there for kid fish camp 2005 and these folks are in a class all by themselves i highly recomend em!
c'mon Jason & Augy where my bro's at? Rob can't make it so it's up to you guys...
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