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Well at least I got ya here :wink: but read on !!!!!

JasonN said:
a true testament to the good times and great friends here at WCF!
As I watched the video again .. I recall that's what it was all based on ...."Good friends"

Idea #1 in setting up the WCTT was:

1) Get people out to fish

(The rest always took care of itself at the docks..... as it will this year) :lol:

2) Have fun

3) Fish for a few $$

Simple !!!!!!!! :wink:

Points were just points we decided to have a points system for the group that showed up at every event...ya show up.... ya get points. you kick ASS and get a few big ones.... ya get few more points and a few $$$ to boot :wink:

The only 'tweeks' I see after 2 years maybe:

1) keep the fish in good condition before the makes a difference!!
(if you come and you don't have a live well get your fish in "someones" them a beer at the bar for the help)

2) A proper start time with "everyone" at the docks

3) Spread out the 1st, 2nd, 3rd Money

4) We all fish from the "same kind" of boat

Again.... it was set up to be simple so everyone and anyone could come out an enjoy
and it's worked just fine.......


The bottom line is that ya still have to catch'em 8)

Summer is coming....... GAME ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!


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The live well idea shouldn't be too hard to accomplish. I am not going to invest a lot in it. I will just use a large cooler that I already have, and a bait bucket aireator ($12 Frabil @ Cabelas). Plus I already have a small self-contained 12v bilge pump ($15 @ Harbor Freight), for filling the cooler. We are set!
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