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#1cubsfan 6/5 , Aris is out so Tony has a HUGE shot to gain on points
Augy 2:1 , Looks to run down the chalk, Tough start last year lets see what magic lurks in a Hook
Clancy wiggum , 5:1 , Looks to come out of the gate flying with some Hawgs
Fishnmatt, 6:1 , Looks to Improve on last years performance , Dark horse pick of the week
toothdoc , 7:1 , This early in the year makes him an unknown ..... boom or bust ;-)
Fish81156 , 8:1 , Still lookiing for the big day. One last shot at the Deep opener
fishkid , 8:1, On a roll as of late. lets see what Deep has in store
George, 9:1 , Young Gun 1 , Looks to school the old guys..lets see
Neil s, 9:1 , Young Gun co-angler ? Lets see who ends up as the motor man?
Basscaster , 10:1 , Deep lake after a cold front? LMAO.... I'll meet you guys in the
Basshole, 20:1 , Got to show some of that spring luck from his first outing. ;-)

-------------------Possiable Late additions---------------------------------

Big AL, 30:1, These are the odds he gets clearance from the Warden/Wife

-----------------------Field entries 50:1 ------------------------------------
Looking to beat the top 2 is going to me tough......


Glad to see you join in good luck to all

---------------Late Scratch list --------------------------------------------

Jason , (I don't fish in bad weather) scratch...j/k Jay maybe next time :roll:

To thoes that show .....see you at the docks at 5:30
(you will see Tony with his boat loaded by 4:00am fishing off the docks)


Disclaimer Stuff: Odds and comments are just for "fun" and not real wagering and in no way reflect fishing skills or other related stuff!!!!

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What my odds are only slightly better than the unknowns? J/K. :wink:

See you guys in the morning. Hopefully this bad weather will have completely blown through by then.

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That last pic Jason is something

I'm gonna have to pull a no show tomorrow. I hope you guys find the fish...this cold front is going to possibly put a damper on otherwise good fishing. Hopefully I can make it on the next outing. Sorry guys.

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