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WCTT 10-11-2008 event #9.. "The Final Showdown"

Once again another great WCTT outing with 8 or so boats.

Hard to believe this is the last event for 2008. Seems like we were
just getting over the nasty winter and now 2009 is upon us.

It's been a great year of fishing with all of you..... truly a blast !!!!!

SO ........One Last Time for 2008 .....

Game On !!!!!!!!!

Rank..08Pnts, Player.........odds........Comments
01---620....#1cubsfan(Tony) , 1:1 , Let hope his screen name is not a jinks and he can avoids the skunk(unlike the CUBS) One fish and we will have our 2008 WCTT AOY... Good luck Tony !!!

02---525....Fishinmatt(Matt) , 2:1 , Needs a big win to 'Steal' top honor and a "CubsFans" Skunk'ola.

03---500....Basscaster(Mike), 5/2 , Been putting them in the boat all year..One more shot. for the $$$

04---425....Toothdoc(Tim) , 3:1 , Still in the hunt for the "Show" spot but needs a big day.

05---395....Culprit(Aris) ,4:1 , Last shot at redemption for the "2007 Deep Lake Master"

06---385....Fishthoughts(HeeDay), 5:1 , Been there in every event in 2008 and He's my "Bud Long Shot" to break through for
the $$$ this month.

06---385.... Fishkid(Creighton), 6:1 , Blanked out in last on the "big bass boat" ....back to the row boat ;-)

09---350....JasonN , 7:1 , I think it time for the "Shad Master" to get a monster.....PIKE!!!! out at Deep.

10---265....skunkedagain(Tony) , 9:1 , Brought out the "Big Boat" in last but put
only one fish in that sweet ride, looks to fill the live well this time.

11---255....Rootpro6(Keith) , 10:1 , Back for another try on the big lake. Trying to crack the into the top 10 for 2008

13---170....Bucketmouth4(Tom) , 11:1 , Skunked in his last event. Has some new tricks for this event lets see.

15---155....Clancywiggum(Matt) , 14:1 , Almost got a limit in last. I look for more of the same as he is starting to
get Deep dialed in....

17---145....bgbass29(Alex), 15:1 , 1 keeper in last needs to get on a roll to get the $$$$

20---115....Jaypee , 17:1 , Back out for another try at Deep.... go get'em Jaypee

41----15....Zach , 18:1 , Had a good outing when last out. lets look for him to put a few more in the cooler.

koolaid(Karen) and partner , 20:1 , 1st time starters on Deep Lake may just surprise us all.
buddy Max. , 30:1 , Another first timer lets see how it goes...

Schedule is going to be the same as last time............

1) Get there at 5:30am... Load your boat
2) Start time 5:50 to 6am so if your boat is all paid up. $$$$ go fish.
3) 1st weigh-in is at 10AM SHARP !!!!!
4) 2nd weigh-in 1pm
5) Bar opens at noon if your having a really bad day....

Good Luck to all !!!


Disclaimer : Odds and comments are just for "fun" and not real wagering and in no way reflect fishing skills or other related stuff!!!!

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Weather looks perfect


Mostly Sunny High 74°F :lol:
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