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As stated in the rules

Show up and "ONE GOOD SHOWING"... can move you up

Points totals as of 7-21-07

1. Culprit 325pts
2. #1Cubsfan 285pts
3. Augy 280pts
4. JasonN 265pts
5. toothdoc 260pts
6. Basscaster 220pts
7. Islandfisher 160pts
8. Clancy Wiggums 155pts
9. Baefish 140pts
Big Al 140pts
Fishinmatt 140pts

With the summer winding down this looks to be the biggest WCTT
showing of 2007. With 6 boats signed up already ALL the contenders are
looking to max out on points before the hardest months of the year.

Then were soon off to the WWD in NOV and DEC to finish off the year
and capture 1st prize for the "WCTT AOY 2007"

Round 5 , Odds and Comments:

Culprit, 6/5 , The "Deep Lake Master" in mid summer form just schooling the youngsters.
Islandfisher, 2:1, 'Big' fish in last tourny. Looks to repeat
JasonN, 3:1, Right there at the 1/2 in last. Looking to get the BIG senko bite 'ON'
#1cubsfan , 5:1 , Needs to land a few in the boat and he's right there.
Toothdoc, 6:1, If the crank bait bite is on again watch out!!!!
FishinMatt , 7:1 , Good start in last, been off 60 days (from Deep) may be the key.
ClancyWiggum , 10:1 , Must get back to the (post/spawn) form he showed early in the year
BassCaster, 11:1 , Back in form after a good showing in the North East.
Augy, 12:1 , Needs that BIG change his avatar to get back in the top 3
Bassman For Life, 13:1 , The budweiser long shot ...of the day ;-)
Baefish , 15:1 , After breaking his maiden early in the years needs to get back on form.
Big Al, 16:1 , The big man is looking for a big pay day at these odds
Pezdek1 & Pezdek1's Dad , 20:1 , This coupled entry could prove the upset of the day

I have no clue 30:1 field entries -------------------------------

Disclaimer stuff:
not for real wagering, odds and comments subject to change and are just for fun !!!!

Best of luck to all


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Well..... I may have to open up the WCTT booking parlor
you both know this is the odds to win NOT big fish...LOL

Ill book the bets. $25.00 max side bet for a $10.00 entry seems fair?

I'll give you some odds :wink:

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I really need to get off the schnide come tourney time. I caught some nice ones last week, but I need that luck to come and help me on the 25th. I need to bring at least two nice fish to weigh-in or I might have my tournament card revoked. :(
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